Demolition Services

If you’re looking to demolish a structure or object on your property but lack the time, equipment or wherewithal to do so, contact the Lockport Recycling Facility!

With the proper equipment, knowledgable crews, and waste hauling abilities the Lockport Recycling Center can help you remove any unwanted structures from your property in a quick, clean and professional manner.  Both licensed and insured, the Lockport Recycling Center Demolition crews can do in hours what would otherwise take weeks.

Demolition of structures on both residential and commercial properties aren’t nearly as simple as taking a sledgehammer to a wall.  There are permits and applicable regulations from city to state levels.  Take the hassle out of the process by choosing to work with an established and talented demolition company.

Additionally, by utilizing the Lockport Recycling Center you can rest assured that as much material that can be recycled, will be.  With those savings being passed onto you the customer!

Contact us today to receive a quick quote or to see what it will take to get your project started.

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