Dumpster Rental Information

Do you have more debris than your trailer or pick-up truck can hold? The Lockport Recycling Center has you covered with our low-cost dumpster rental service.  These roll-off containers are brought right to your home and fit in all driveways, residential or commercial.  By using wooden chocks we ensure that your driveway never even comes in contact with the dumpster itself.  We carry dumpsters of all sizes and service all of the Western New York area, including Lockport, Niagara Falls, Buffalo and more.  Call us today to get the ball rolling on your latest project!


Call (716) 433-1371 or email us to get your custom quote!

And Remember! By choosing the Lockport Recycling Center for your project, you insure that every recyclable piece of debris will be left out of the landfill and re-purposed for consumption again!

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